How do I find my classes/groups?

Great question! Go to your "My Page" (in the navigation bar above), and once there, look to the right of the "Comments" for "My Groups" . Click on it- Voila!

What's Happening NEXT?

Festive Soul Food is underway and registration is now closed, BUT...

The next term of University Thrive will begin on October 1, 2015!! Registration is now open!  Don't miss it!!


Thank you for joining us here at Community Thrive. Our lives are so much richer with you in them!

We (Mystele and Heather) are usually around from 10 am - 7 pm, Monday through Friday, and we try to take a break on the weekends. 

Our clock:

Where else can you find us with Community Thrive?

Facebook Page

Facebook Classes (private group for members of Thrive paid classes, Art Challenges Group, and/or Art Swap Group) - (If your Community Thrive name is different from your Facebook name, please send Heather a note so that she can match you up and approve you into the group.)

Email: communitythriveart[at]gmail[dot]com

*Participation: fine print- We are so happy to have this meeting place, but it is not free for us to rent it. So it's important that we keep our membership roster filled with active members. Thus, we periodically cull through the roster to remove members that have been inactive. This helps keep our rent costs lower and also keeps things humming along here. All in all, we'd rather have a small community with people who are making & sharing art and learning together than a large one with only a few people participating.